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Joshua Davis started Davis Law Group in 2013 to create a new kind of law firm. He was disenchanted with the way most firms treated their clients - as numbers, statistics, and dollar signs instead of real people looking to tell their truth and get their lives back on track.

Davis Law Group knows and treats each client with care and commitment. We are dedicated to helping you find the justice that you deserve so that you can get back to the life you love.

About Us

What We Love About Spring

Spring, Texas is a city located just north of Houston that spans a large geographic region. Originally, Spring was inhabited by the Orcoquiza Native Americans. Like many mid-sized cities in Texas, Spring was relatively small during its beginnings. In the mid 1800s, a man by the name of William Pierpont placed a trading post in Spring Creek, attracting settlers. At the time, the population was at a mere 153 people. By 1910, around 50 years later, the population had grown 1,200. Spring bloomed as immigrants arrived and began farming on the land. Cash crops were grown, including sugarcane and cotton. The arrival of the International and Great Northern Railroad in the late 1800s plus the addition of a post office greatly contributed to the expansion of the area. Fast forward to the 1970s, when Houston’s suburbs began to develop. Spring became part of both Harris County and Montgomery County, and exists as an official Census Designated Place by the US Census.

Subdivisions and residential areas opened around Spring, and the Old Town Spring Association was created to promote the shopping district of the city. Spring has certainly come far when compared to its humble beginnings, as demonstrated by the nearly 55,000 people in Spring itself and overall 80,000 people residing in the greater area known as Spring. The city is now filled with schools, parks, and libraries, and boasts tourist attractions including shopping, retail, and large annual events. Out of all the things to love about Spring though, Davis Law Group’s favorite is the people. We’re honored to serve the community of Spring, representing them through some of life's greatest challenges.

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Our Legal Services

Personal Injury

We understand that when you suffer from a personal injury, life gets put on hold. If you or a loved one have experienced a personal injury as a result of a vehicle accident, workplace accident, or wrongful death, we’re here to help you find justice and hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions.

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Professionals in the medical and legal fields have a unique responsibility to their patients and clients. When healthcare providers and legal practitioners cause harm by negligence or an error in judgement, it can seem daunting to pursue litigation. Davis Law Group has successfully tried many malpractice cases all over Texas, and our attorneys are here to stand by your side.

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When you hire a construction professional, you expect to receive the contractually-stated services you paid for. When this doesn’t occur, it’s time to reach out to our team of attorneys. Our experience and skill within the construction law field allows us to examine each situation individually, to get you compensation and right any structural wrongdoings.

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Insurance entities can be intimidating. Often, it feels like the problems that are big to you, aren’t big to the company. Luckily, we see you and your policy differently. We go after insurance companies daily for violating policyholder’s legal rights, and we can do it for you too.

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You’re not always satisfied with the outcome of your trial. It’s frustrating when you feel like you didn’t get the justice you deserve. Appellate courts may be difficult to navigate, but our team has the patience to handle any appeal, regardless of its origin.

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Class Action Lawsuits

Davis law Group proudly handles class action lawsuits. We’ll help you take collective action in order to get justice for the group or community that has been wronged. We know class action lawsuits can be intense, time-consuming endeavors: we’re up for the challenge.

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Employment law requires in-depth consultation and representation. From employee benefits to retirement plans, our team is here to advocate for you and the hard-earned money you deserve. While job lawsuits can be scary when your financial security is on the line, Davis Law Group can bargain with labor unions, trustees, service providers, and more to ensure you’re being advocated for.

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Meet Our Team

Luck doesn’t make a successful team. Our firm works hard, cares about each and every client endlessly, and is dedicated to helping the community both inside and outside of the office. We’re educated in a wide range of fields, and united by our passion for law.

Our Law Practice

Joshua P. Davis
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Our Success

When you choose Davis Law Group, your cases become our cases, and our cases are our top priority. Our high rates of success are proof of our dedication.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

We were so fortunate to have Josh represent us. He embodied that word "represent". I came to understand that Josh took on our case with personal interest and enthusiasm. He intensely fought for our family as if we were lifelong friends.

C. W.

I really want to express my gratitude and thanks to the Josh Davis Law Group in Houston, TX, for the work that was performed in my case…Josh and his staff are competent professionals and who also compassionate. I don't believe that I could have made a better choice in someone to advocate on my behalf.

K. H.

Working with Josh Davis Law Firm was a success in our case. What we particularly liked about the experience with the firm was that they handled our case remarkably. Every time we had doubt and/or questions they were very cooperative and did not hesitate in answering. Along with having an excellent way of communication they are very flexible and work with your schedule. Being a Spanish speaking family and not having much knowledge in structured settlements or experience with attorneys they made it possible to understand and were extremely helpful. We were very pleased with the end result for our case. This life changing experience exceeded our expectations for service and flexibility. It was an honor working with Josh Davis Law Firm.

L. F.

The Davis Law Group came to my rescue when all other avenues failed. This office not only took excellent care of my case but of me. They were concerned about me!!! Do yourself a favor: if by any chance you need someone to stand up for you because of an accident, Choose Davis Law Group first.

J. H.

Genuine, kind and considerate are just a few words to describe The Josh Davis Law Firm. Best Law Firm in Texas. The Team members are amazing, each one of them!

M. J.

I have given Davis Law a 5 star, first and foremost, because they were willing to take my case. Prior to this, I had been unsuccessful in finding representation.
My injury, though in terms of financial loss was minimal, the personal strain was major. Secondly, but of greater gratitude, is the exceptional attention given by Jonathan Ocampo, paralegal. He was kind, honest, well informed and did everything he said he would do!
He was also gracious to communicate to me when I was often relentless and determined to reach a closure! I hope he can continue his education and pursue his dream.
Last, but not least, a great front office team!  Always friendly and accommodating.
Thanks to all of you!

G. M.

It was my first time needing an insurance lawyer for an accident I was involved in last year. I received a consultation from Davis Law Group and others but I decided to move forward with Davis Law Group. It was a great decision as my case got resolved in 2/3 of the time of normal cases. I was ultimately satisfied with the timeline and received a reasonable settlement. I would recommend my friends and family to this Law Group.

K. T.

This group has been very efficient as well as professional in handling my cases, which were dumped onto them by my previous law firm 2yrs into the process. Davis Law Group has kept me informed about my cases and given me regular updates, even through changes in staff members. Each rep has explained things in detail and confirmed my understanding prior to proceeding with the conversation. In less than a year, they've already managed to settle one of my cases. Although I was disappointed that the previous law firm dumped my cases, I'm glad that it landed with Davis Law Group. I'll gladly recommend Davis Law Group to my friends, family and associates.

R. T.

Josh Davis is a very knowledgeable attorney and we are fortunate to have him represent our family. His care and compassion towards others is unique and this is what makes this firm special. Thank you Josh for what you are doing for this community!

L. A.

Voicemail Trascription

I just want to say thanks again, that you've been really, uh, I want to get to know you. I'm not just, it is not just business talk stuff, you're a good guy.

You can read it in your voice, you can hear it in your actions and just the way you carry yourself. And I really enjoy getting to know another person like this in another profession that does things different than me.

Thanks again for everything. Thanks a lot.

In this day and age, for someone to keep their word, I'll tell you what, keeping your words fast, going out of style. But, thank you.

Have a big day, big weekend.

Okay, bye.

Ron Engh
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