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Medical malpractice is an incredibly serious type of malpractice, and healthcare professionals face extreme consequences if found guilty. These professionals are assumed to uphold an expected level of care, putting their patients' best interests above their own. Disregard for a patient’s right to a standard of care can be caused by accidentally negligent acts, purposefully negligent acts, or omission. Damage, disability, or death resulting from recklessness or carelessness when caring for a patient constitutes medical malpractice.

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Many believe that medical malpractice is constrained solely to doctors, but the attorneys of Davis Law Group know better. Medical malpractice may be committed by any professional in the healthcare realm, including a hospital governing body, doctor, nurse, or other healthcare professional. Allied health professionals, like chiropractors or psychologists, are included in this definition. Errors include those within diagnosis, treatment, aftercare, and health management. Malpractice suits allow us to hold medical professionals accountable and obtain justice on your behalf.

Why Davis Law Group?

Davis Law Group, founded by Joshua Davis in April 2013, is led by a seasoned, double-board-certified personal injury attorney. Our firm is dedicated to advocating for justice for individuals who have been harmed. With a deep commitment to making a positive impact, we bring extensive experience, knowledge, and credibility to these cases. Clients can rely on our caring team to prioritize their best interests as we pursue justice and compensation.

We are unafraid to take on large corporations, medical professionals, or other entities responsible for our clients' injuries in medical malpractice cases. As skilled negotiators and litigators, we work to protect our clients' rights and pursue the compensation they deserve. We believe in open, honest communication, listening to your concerns, patiently answering all of your questions, and keeping you informed throughout the legal process.

Common Types of Medical Malpractice


Misdiagnosis is an incorrect or lack of diagnosis, effectively preventing the patient from seeking the appropriate treatment necessary. Additionally, a misdiagnosis may cause a patient to pursue unnecessary treatment, possibly resulting in further harm. Because diagnosing many conditions is difficult, misdiagnosis is considered what another doctor would not have done or reasonably assumed.

Delayed Diagnosis

Delayed diagnosis, much like misdiagnosis, must be to an unreasonable extent to qualify as malpractice. The doctor or healthcare provider in question must have assessed the patient less competently than another professional would have. A diagnosis delay can affect the course of treatment, but the patient eventually receives the correct diagnosis.

Failure to Treat

Failure to treat is when a doctor neglects to recommend adequate treatment despite correctly diagnosing the patient’s ailment. These situations tend to arise when doctors are overworked or careless, thus breaching the basic standard of care. Offering no follow-up care or failing to refer a specialist are most common.

Surgical Errors

Many patients entering a surgical procedure incorrectly believe that their written consent form acknowledging the risks of surgery allows for doctoral mistakes. However, they do not cover negligence. Forms of surgical negligence include incorrect procedure, unnecessary surgery, damage to surrounding tissue, wrong anesthesia amount, using non-sterile instruments, and leaving equipment inside the patient. Our Houston surgical error lawyers can help you understand your case.

Birth Injury

Birth injuries are incredibly traumatic and may cause injury or death to the baby, mother, or both. While childbirth itself is when most injuries happen, doctoral negligence during prenatal care is included under this definition. This type of malpractice often results in fully preventable injuries that now require lifelong medical care.

Medical Product Liability

We place a lot of responsibility on doctors, but the tools they use can cause problems just as easily. When medical devices malfunction, they result in unnecessary suffering, worsening of a medical condition, or injuries, fatal or otherwise. If the manufacturer knew or should have known their product would cause harm, they are liable to the victims.

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What to Do if You’ve Experienced Medical Malpractice

  • Seek Medical Attention: Your health and well-being come first; if you have been injured due to medical malpractice, seek medical attention immediately.
  • Document Everything: Keep detailed records of all medical appointments, treatments, and communications with healthcare providers, including medical records, bills, and receipts.
  • Call Davis Law Group: Consult with our qualified surgical error attorneys in Houston to understand your rights and legal options.
  • File a Complaint: Consider filing a complaint with the appropriate medical licensing board or regulatory agency in order to hold the healthcare provider accountable and prevent similar incidents in the future.
  • Preserve Evidence: Preserve any evidence related to your case, such as medical records, photographs, and witness statements.

Your Case Matters, and We Are Here to Help

Medical malpractice is considered one of the most serious forms of malpractice, as it can directly impact a patient's life. Patients have the right to expect a certain standard of care from healthcare professionals. In cases of malpractice, the responsible doctor deviated from what a reasonable doctor would have done in a similar situation. Examples of malpractice include failure to diagnose, misinterpretation or neglect of lab results, unnecessary or incorrect surgeries, and inadequate follow-up care.

In legal proceedings, patients must demonstrate disability, loss of income, suffering, hardship, as well as medical expenses. Moreover, it must be demonstrated in court that the injury or death would not have happened if negligence had not occurred. These cases can be complex and emotionally draining. Our team of Houston medical malpractice lawyers have decades of experience and can advise you on the best way to proceed. Contact our Houston office today; we can evaluate your case and determine whether or not your healthcare provider fulfilled their professional obligations to you. 

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How do I know if I have a malpractice case?

What is a Standard of Care?

What information does my attorney need?

What damages can I receive in a medical malpractice case?

How do I know if I have a malpractice case?

Medical malpractice is more than just a bad outcome. There’s only a case if solely the provider’s negligence causes injury or damages to a patient. Even with a case, it is often not worth pursuing minor malpractice incidents because of their cost.

What is a Standard of Care?

Standard of Care refers to the degree of supervision and responsibility a doctor or other healthcare employee is expected to provide to a patient. It includes what most, if not all, medical providers would have done under the same or similar circumstances. Breaching the Standard of Care is the defining factor in determining malpractice.

What information does my attorney need?

Medical malpractice cases are stressful, time-consuming, and usually expensive. To pursue one, you must be diligent in your documentation. Often, courts need to see documented injuries, all pertinent medical records, and interviews with the patient, their family members, and their friends.

What damages can I receive in a medical malpractice case?

If proven, medical malpractice settlements include compensation for general damages, which includes the cost of suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, physical and mental suffering, and loss of future earning capacity. Special damages will also be awarded for quantifiable expenses. Some malpractice cases include punitive damages, where compensation is awarded solely to punish the doctor.

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