Whether you’ve been injured due to an accident or by someone’s negligence, making sure you get compensated should be taken very seriously. That’s why it’s important to get the right personal injury lawyer for your case who will be an advocate for what you deserve.

Personal Injury Attorney Warning Signs to Look Out For

If you know you need to find representation, make sure you’re following the right steps when choosing injury lawyers. Working alongside the right law firm isn’t all that matters though, since there will be an attorney actually handling the case load. Be on the lookout for these warning signs that might indicate if the attorney is one you want working on your behalf.

Guaranteed Personal Injury Results

There are a few things you can spot right away when it comes to a bad personal injury lawyer. Take note of how they’re marketing their services. Anytime you see a sign or hear a radio ad claiming you’ll receive a guaranteed amount in recovery damages, it’s definitely just a ploy. Firstly, many of those advertisements are filtered through a referral service that will receive compensation if you go through them to an attorney. Secondly, every case is different, and any award amount (which also can’t be guaranteed) is determined by a number of factors unique to that case. Lastly, avoid any lawyer that relies on ‘knowing’ a judge or the opposing attorney to guarantee results. Not only is this unethical, it shows their negligence when it comes to actually practicing law.

Their Law Firm Office is in Disarray

Understandably, a relatively new practice, or even a reputable one, is not going to be run out of a skyscraper with impeccable flooring, breathtaking views, and an army of interns. While appearances aren’t everything, an office visit can reveal a number of things about your potential attorney and how they operate. Look at how organized they keep the office. Are there scattered papers lying around, unfiled documents, and does everything just seem to exist in a state chaos? Malfunctioning hardware and disregard for property in plain sight might indicate how they’ll handle other aspects of work, including your case. Also, look out for unhappy, disgruntled, or rude employees. If they’re not excited to work there, it’s safe to assume that their general lack of enthusiasm won’t get you the results you deserve.

Attorney Work Habits

If you’ve already committed to a personal injury lawyer, there are still things to be mindful of which indicate whether or not you’ve made the right choice. Any good attorney communicates with you on a regular basis. You should not be the one who’s constantly reaching out for information and then dealing with unreturned phone calls or emails. That’s a huge red flag. This means the attorney is either too busy with other clients, uncertain about where to go with the case or they simply don’t care enough to make you a priority. The same can be said if they’ve missed important deadlines in regards to your case.

Regardless of the incident, people need to be compensated by those who caused them injury. Don’t let an attorney who doesn’t care or work hard deprive you of what you deserve.

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