You’ve suffered an injury and you’re ready to take the steps to file a claim. Now what? Unfortunately, the pain isn’t over. Before you can hire a personal injury lawyer, you’ll need to gather and collect a series of paperwork. These important documents will help your attorney make your case. Stay organized and don’t throw anything out. When you make your first appointment with your attorney, have these documents ready to go:

Law Enforcement Reports

Official reports from police and the fire department are often the first piece of unbiased evidence you have for your case. If law enforcement was present during or after the incident, there will be a report that documents the scene’s details and witness statements. This can give your lawyer useful information and offer new leads.

Witness Statements

If other people were present when the injury took place, you should get written statements from them as soon as possible. As time goes on, memory changes and fades. You’ll get the most accurate and detailed statements closer to the time of the incident. Witness accounts can confirm your side, provide more details, and paint a well-rounded picture of the event. It also prevents them from altering their story later on. 

Incident Reports

If your injury took place at a business, it’s possible that an incident report was filed through their human resources or customer service departments. If you can get your hands on a copy, it could provide you with additional details and some clues about where to gather more evidence. 

Photos of the Scene

Any photos you can find of before, during, and after the accident can help frame your story and provide potent evidence. Take images yourself and ask around to see if anyone else captured anything on their phones. You can also check security footage if it’s available at the establishment or on street cams.

Medical Records

Any medical records pertaining to the case will offer reliable proof to back your claim. This includes emergency room, surgical, specialist, physical therapy, and rehab reports. If possible, you should also try to obtain a medical history for anyone else involved in the accident. Say you got into a car accident and the person who hit you was taking narcotics for a medical condition. Since they shouldn’t have been driving while on this medication, this piece of information can prove that they or their caregiver are liable for the incident. 

Treatment Journal

Recovering from an injury is difficult and can affect every aspect of your life, from performing basic tasks to maintaining a job. Keep a journal to document your treatment and recovery process. Not only does this provide a timeline, it also gives your attorney a framework to build your case. Your account will show the suffering you’ve endured in a more personal way, giving your claim an emotional edge.

Insurance Information

If an insurance company had any involvement in your accident, keep track of any correspondence, claims, or denials. You’ll also want to provide information about your own insurance provider (if applicable), including their contact info and your policy number. 

Bills and W-2 Forms

Showing your losses is a major part of a personal injury claim. You should collect any bills or invoices you acquired as a result of your injury. This includes medical bills, insurance explanation of benefits (EOBs), gas and travel receipts, and any extra services costs. If you had to hire someone to mow your lawn or clean your house, gather those invoices, as well.

If you were employed at the time of the accident and had to take time off to recover, you should show proof of your compensation losses. Gather past pay stubs, W-2s, bonus reports, and unemployment filings. This information combined with your expense report can help your attorney come up with an appropriate compensation amount for your claim. 

Related Past Reports

You may have to dig into the past to find relevant reports that back your claim. For example, if you suffered an injury at an establishment with a history of safety violations and failed inspections, those past reports can help your case.

Trust Davis Law Group With Your Personal Injury Claim

The personal injury lawyers at Davis Law Group will help you compile all the necessary documents and use them to effectively build your case. Recovering from an injury is a difficult journey and we want to make the process of filing a claim as painless as possible. We are in this together; your success is our success. Let Davis Law Group get you the justice you deserve.

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