Important Questions to Ask A Lawyer Before Hiring Them

When you’re facing a challenge and need legal representation, searching for the right lawyer is important. You have to find someone who has the qualifications, understands your situation, and will make your case their top priority. Before deciding on a lawyer, we recommend scheduling a consultation to decide if their firm is a good fit. During this consultation, you should be sure to ask your potential lawyer about their experience and how they will handle your case. Davis Law Group has come up with a list of questions to ask when you are considering hiring a lawyer. 

How Long Have You Been Practicing Law?

Knowing how long someone has been practicing law with a license is very important. Some people may feel more comfortable with someone who has been practicing for many years. If you have more concerns, ask them about their experience, where they attended law school, why they went into law in the first place, and the organizations they are a part of. 

Have You Represented Someone With a Similar Case?

You will want your lawyer to be familiar with your type of case, so that they have your best interests in mind and can hopefully provide you with a favorable outcome. You can also ask them to discuss previous cases that are similar to yours and their record.  

How Much Will Your Services Cost?

It is important to know whether or not you can afford the services provided by your potential lawyer. Discuss how the billing process works as well as when you’ll be expected to complete payments. 

How Long Will It Take to Solve My Case?

During your consultation, you should be given an estimate to how long your case may take to be resolved. It is important to note that things can come up that could either speed up or slow down the process.   

Will Other People From the Firm Be Working On My Case?

Your potential lawyer will most likely be working with a team. Make sure to ask them who will be working on your case if they represent you. 

Do You Think the Outcome of My Case Will Be Favorable?

Although lawyers cannot make any promises, they will do their very best to get you the justice that you deserve. You can ask them to explain the possible ways that they plan to handle your case and what strategy they think might work best. 

How Often Will We Communicate?

You should be able to have effective communication with your lawyer and their team to stay updated on your case. It is important to provide them with the appropriate contact information, and they should be able to provide you with a schedule of when you will be able to meet to discuss the case. 

How Many Victories Have You Had?

Don’t be afraid to ask about their successes! This could determine whether or not you hire them to be your lawyer! Look into how many cases were settled, how many trials were won, and the amount of money that was won in cases. 

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Our law firm treats each of our clients with care and commitment. We strive to make a difference in their lives, finding the justice that they rightfully deserve. If you’re looking for a trusted lawyer to represent you through some of life’s greatest challenges, contact Davis Law Group today to schedule a free consultation.

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