Ways to Prevent Workplace Accidents 

While most states require workplaces to establish safety measures, accidents can still happen and result in employees sustaining major injuries. The most common types of workplace injuries are due to slips and falls, overexertion, repetitive strain, falling and moving objects, auto accidents, and equipment operation. Learn how to best prevent workplace accidents with the team at Davis Law Group. 

Display or Distribute Safety Guidelines

Employees should have access to safety guidelines at all times while working, whether they be located on physical signs or inside an employee handbook. Things that can be considered hazardous should be labeled to prevent employees from putting themselves in danger while on the job. 

Supply Protective Equipment

By supplying protective equipment and teaching employees how to properly use it, many accidents can be avoided. While different professions require certain equipment, some examples of protective equipment include masks, gloves, ear plugs, hard hats, non-slip shoes, goggles, face shields, garments, and more. 

Train Employees 

Accidents and injuries can be reduced and averted with proper employee training. Employees should be trained on how to operate equipment and uphold safety standards. With training, they will better understand the risks involved and will work to ensure equipment is not mishandled. 

Keep Workspace Organized 

Loose cords, spills, and clutter can lead to slips and falls. It is important for workplaces to keep their areas organized and potential tripping hazards out of the way of employees doing their job. 

Implement Ergonomic Solutions 

Employees are valuable assets to a business. Their health and wellbeing should be a priority, which in turn allows them to effectively perform their job-related responsibilities. Ergonomic solutions help improve employees’ productivity and wellness. Musculoskeletal disorders are commonly experienced in the workplace and can be prevented by correcting bad habits and meeting the needs of each employee. 

Schedule Maintenance Checks

Regularly scheduled maintenance checks are essential for protecting employees and a business. Many accidents occur due to the lack of upkeep on equipment and vehicles. 

Davis Law Group Is Here for You in Times of Workplace Accidents 

If you are involved in a workplace accident that resulted in an injury, contact the knowledgeable attorneys at Davis Law Group. After notifying your employer and filing an incident report, one of our attorneys will view all relevant documentation and start building your case. It is important to note that the injury sustained may not be related to your negligence, and in that case, a personal injury lawsuit can be pursued against your employer for intentional misconduct. Our attorneys are very experienced when it comes to navigating workplace accidents and will work to ensure you receive fair compensation and justice. You may receive compensation for current and future medical expenses, wage loss, and depreciated earning capacity. 
Davis Law Group knows and treats each client with care and commitment. Our initial consultation includes discussing every aspect of your case for proper evaluation, so you’ll always feel like we’re on your side. To schedule a consultation, visit our website to fill out our contact form or give us a call; we are here to help.

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