Finding the right appeals lawyer

If your case has been tried and you’re looking to file an appeal, you’re going to need proper legal representation to go through the appeals process. While you can always represent yourself, our team of experienced lawyers know their way around the courtroom and have worked many appeal cases throughout the years.

The Davis Law Group was founded on the principle of fair representation of people pursuing an appeal in order to get the justice and possible compensation they deserve. While money can’t always fix what’s been broken or lost, it can certainly help the situation. We pride ourselves on understanding that our clients come to us at times of need and not always under positive circumstances. Our staff is dedicated to being sensitive to each situation and to manage client needs throughout the litigation process. 

We are ready to help our clients file appeals and get their legal situations back in the direction they originally wanted the case to go and hopefully get them where they want to be. Filing an appeal can be a difficult process, but we are here to help make it easier. 

How the appeals process works

Lawyers who fight appeals cases are appellate attorneys, appear in appeals court, in front of an appellate judge. It’s a different skill set than trial lawyers, and we have both on staff to serve various clients and their cases. Appeals lawyers perform large amounts of legal research to prove to the judge how something should be overturned or re-examined according to the law. 

If you were a previous defense client of ours, we can certainly work with you throughout the appeals process, but we also welcome clients who are seeking different representation after a case is tried. Typically, clients choose a different lawyer from the one they went with originally.

Appeals cases present the law in reference to the case at hand and typically have the appeals lawyers answering many questions in order to give nuance and details pertaining to the case. This is why it’s important to know who you’re working with in an appeals case and can trust that they know the law. David Law Group knows the law and is here to help the appeals process.

Oftentimes, a state-level district attorney is given to someone who is filing an appeal who cannot otherwise afford representation. While public defenders are good lawyers, private practice law allows for more attention to clients and creates a relationship between attorneys and clients that is certainly worth the extra cost, if a client can afford it. We can work with you to discuss how payments work and if choosing to use Davis Law Group over the district attorney is right for you. Either way, we invite people to contact us to determine the best route in seeking justice for an appeals case.

If you’re looking for representation in an appeals process, Davis Law Group is here to help 

Our experienced legal staff has taken on many different appeals cases over the years and knows how to best manage the appeals process. We collect all the details from the case to best represent every client, understanding cases usually fall on difficult times. Contact us if you’re interested in filing an appeal.

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