If ever involved in a motorcycle accident, thorough research should be done when hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer. The team at Davis Law Group understands the variety of injuries and consequences that come with being involved in a motorcycle accident. Moreover, we know that while the risks of injury and wreckage are much higher on motorcycles, they are important vehicles to those people who ride them. 

We like to note that motorcycles do require their own specific driver’s license and auto insurance plans. A person who has never ridden a motorcycle should not be operating one without either of the aforementioned items. However, passengers on motorcycles are not required by law to have a license or insurance and are also greatly involved in risk while riding one. And, of course, we also want to remind people to always wear a helmet and protective gear when riding motorcycles to not only protect yourself from weather conditions, but to pad a fall if ever involved in an accident.

Risks associated with riding motorcycles

There are many risks involved with riding a motorcycle. Some risks include:

  • Personal injury to the driver, passenger, or other people involved in an accident either in another vehicle or on the side of the road – motorcyclist are four times more likely to be injured while on the road
  • Damage or wreckage of the motorcycle resulting in costly repairs or replacement of the motorcycle entirely; damages to anything that was hit by the motorcycle
  • Loss of life to anyone riding on a motorcycle – motorcyclists are at a 29% higher risk of dying in a motor vehicle accident than car drivers

Be that as it may, we are not here to discourage clients from purchasing or riding motorcycles, but to handle the aftermath of an accident in order to cover costs and hopefully get back on your feet.

Why hire Davis Law Group for motorcycle accidents 

While there are many personal injury lawyers who handle auto accidents, we believe in our approach at Davis Law Group for motorcycle accidents.

What is our approach?

Our approach to motorcycle accidents involves being supportive to the client throughout the entire process. Some accidents are minor and some are life-changing and we are sensitive to both. While money can’t solve every problem from an accident, it certainly can off-set some of the financial burden of repairs costs, medical bills, and in some cases arrangements for a death. 

Davis Law Group is passionate about bringing justice to those who seek it. Our team of lawyers know how to best navigate the judicial system in order to represent each and every client with their unique situation that makes their case. We want our clients and their families to feel comfortable with us as these cases do take some time. 

Motorcyclists are entitled to the open road just as much as any other vehicle driver on it. No matter what the cause of the accident, we are here to serve our clients and hopefully bring them the justice they deserve. 

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, Davis Law Group is here for you

We handle all types of personal injury law including but not limited to motorcycle accidents. We work to make sure your case is not only heard but defended for what’s rightfully owed to you. With years of experience, we know we can help motorcycle accident victims.

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