Workplace accidents can cause serious harm to anyone involved, leaving behind personal injuries, damaged vehicles, and many unexpected expenses. While we can’t prevent accidents from happening, we are dedicated to helping the people involved in them and find the justice they seek. 

The Davis Law Group was founded on that exact principle — fairly representing people in workplace accidents and getting them the compensation they deserve for consequential costs. While money can’t always fix what’s been broken or lost, it can certainly help the situation. We pride ourselves on understanding that our clients come to us at times of need and not always under positive circumstances. Our staff is dedicated to being sensitive to each situation and to manage client needs throughout the litigation process. 

Workplace accidents happen — and we’re always here to help our clients when they do

Workplace accidents

Workplace accidents can vary in severity and causes. If workplace conditions are less than favorable, unsafe, or unregulated, accidents will likely ensue. Moreover, if workplace conditions have contracted disease for its workers, that falls under the same category as a workplace accident. It is important for anyone involved in an accident or who has contracted an occupational disease at the workplace to report it immediately so that further action can be pursued. Clients have better chances of winning a case if the incident is documented immediately and followed through with due process.

Like most accidents, insurance must get involved. And, it’s the role of insurance company legal counsels to prove that the accident was not work-related or at fault of the injured person. That’s where we come in – we represent the people who have been injured on the job and need proper representation. 

The Department of Labor often gets involved as these accidents happen on the job. The good news is that worker’s compensation benefits can be granted to the victim despite which party is deemed to be at fault. In order to claim worker’s compensation benefits, the claimant must prove how disabled they are from the accident and the compensation is then calculated accordingly. For example, if you break your ankle at work but you have an office job that doesn’t require much walking, that person would get less than someone who broke a hand at a factory job and cannot perform any occupational duties.

Injuries or illnesses that come from the workplace accidents can be a major interference in someone’s life in both the short- and long-term. There is good reason to pursue justice for these accidents as life may not go back to what it was before the incident, causing a big shift in someone’s financial, physical, and mental health. 

If you’ve been involved in a workplace accident, Davis Law Group is here to help 

Our experienced legal staff has taken on many personal injury cases over the years and knows how to best manage workplace accidents. We collect all the details from the incident to best represent every client, understanding cases usually fall on difficult times. Contact us if you’ve been involved in a workplace accident to start getting back on your feet.

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