Medical malpractice can cause serious harm to anyone involved and many unexpected expenses that go along with it. While we can’t prevent medical malpractice from happening, we are dedicated to helping the people involved and find the justice they seek. 

The Davis Law Group was founded on that exact principle — fairly representing people in accidents or malpractice to get them the justice they seek. Our lawyers work hard to help victims of medical malpractice overturn previous decisions. We pride ourselves on understanding that our clients come to us at times of need and not always under positive circumstances, especially in medical malpractice cases. Our staff is dedicated to being sensitive to each situation and to manage client needs throughout the litigation process. 

Unfortunately medical malpractice does happen — and we’re always here to help our community when they do. 

Medical malpractice

Medical malpractice is legally defined as negligence of a doctor for a patient’s health and wellbeing while under their medical care. We expect top-notch care and entrust our doctors with any of our medical needs, but they are human and accidents can happen. Accidents aren’t always considered medical malpractice, but if there was blatant negligence and preventable errors that results in injury or death. Wrongful death is a different legal pursuit, but sometimes is involved in medical malpractice suits.

There are a myriad of things that could go wrong in the healthcare world, with three major conditions that must apply in order to sue for medical malpractice. The following conditions must exist in order to to sue for malpractice: 

  • A duty owed to a patient by a medical professional
  • A breach of the duty of a medical professional 
  • Harm or damage done because of the breach of duty by the medical professional

In simple terms, medical malpractice is when proper medical attention is not taken when it should have been. The goal of a medical malpractice suit is for the hired lawyer to sue for damages. This money can help cover various medical costs already billed from the previous visits, pay for new medical costs in order to best remedy the medical issue (if possible), or assist in purchasing help for a new lifestyle that is imposed on the patient from medical malpractice. 

While we can’t go back in time to change the negligent decisions made by medical professionals that cause damage and harm, we can work to find a solution to best move forward according to the needs of the patient. Medical malpractice is a serious allegation with even more serious consequences for both the patient and involved medical professionals. The Davis Law Group is here to help you sue for medical malpractice if your case is worth pursuing. 

If you’ve been involved in medical malpractice, Davis Law Group is here to help 

Our experienced legal staff has taken on many malpractice cases over the years and knows how to best manage medical malpractice suits. We collect all the details from the incident to best represent every client, understanding cases usually fall on difficult times. Contact us if you’ve been involved in medical malpractice to start getting back on your feet.

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