Industrial accidents can cause serious bodily harm to anyone involved, leave behind damaged machinery, and incur many unexpected expenses for the company and the injured party. While we can’t prevent industrial accidents from happening, we are dedicated to helping the people involved and find the justice they seek. 

The Davis Law Group was founded on that exact principle — fairly representing people in industrial accidents and getting them the compensation they deserve for consequential costs. Our lawyers work hard to help industrial accident victims cover costs after an incident. While money can’t always fix what’s been broken or lost, it can certainly help the situation. We pride ourselves on understanding that our clients come to us at times of need and not always under positive circumstances. Our staff is dedicated to being sensitive to each situation and to manage client needs throughout the litigation process. 

Industrial accidents happen — and we’re always here to help our community when they do. 

Types of industrial accidents 

Industrial accidents occur on site at industrial jobs and the conversation often goes into worker’s compensation when discussing how best to handle these situations. Worker’s compensation is not as simple as applying for it after you’ve been injured at work, but there are some major determining factors to decide whether you have a case or not. 

First of all, it depends on what type of employment the injured person is – full-time, part-time, contract, etc. This status could also come into play with insurance coverage, whether the plan is through a company or the open marketplace. Secondly, there needs to be proof that the injury occured while performing job duties and not elsewhere. Simply because you are within work hours and get injured in the building doesn’t always constitute an industrial accident or qualify for worker’s compensation. 

The parameters in which define workplace accidents, especially in the industrial world, are not nationally set. Every state has different rules and regulations when it comes to worker’s compensation, and what counts as a workplace beyond the literal walls of a business. For example, if someone gets injured at a company-sponsored event that is off-campus, it will depend on the state you’re in and what type of compensation is offered for such an incident. 

All industrial accidents have unique and extenuating circumstances and need to be reported and well-documented in order to plead a case for worker’s compensation. If an industrial injury or accident is not reported right after it happens, the likelihood of winning a suit against an employer lessens greatly. Any injured parties should keep record of medical bills, money lost to not being able to work, and any other financial burdens caused by the accident. 

If you’ve been involved in a industrial accident, Davis Law Group is here to help 

Our experienced legal staff has taken on many personal injury cases over the years and knows how to best manage industrial accidents. We collect all the details from the incident to best represent every client, understanding cases usually fall on difficult times. Contact us if you’ve been involved in an industrial accident to start getting back on your feet.

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