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Josh Davis Law Firm cares. When you need us, we’ll be there. We’re committed to handling every case, no matter the situation. Our commitment shows in our successes and testimonials. Because our initial consultation includes discussing every aspect of your case for proper evaluation, you’ll always feel like we’re on your side.

Client Victories

Siddiqi v. Castro

$1,450,000 Verdict

Summary: Patient blind in one eye after cornea transplant surgery.

DLG Demand: $250,000

Type of Case: Medical Malpractice

Engh v. Reardon

$337,560 Verdict

Summary: Surgeon (Defendant) clipped Plaintiff’s ureter rather than blood vessel.

DLG Demand: $289,000

Type of Case: Medical Malpractice

Robinson v. State Farm Lloyds

$201,000 Verdict

Summary: Plaintiff claimed that plumbing leak caused foundation movement, resulting in damage throughout house. Filed claim with Defendant under policy, which included foundation coverage. Defendant denied claim.

DLG Demand: $70,000

Type of Case: Breach of Contract

Okunbo v. Texas Armoring Corp.

$191,750 Verdict

Summary: Plaintiff had a contract with Defendant. Defendant was to purchase two new Mercedes-Benz S550 sedans, armor them and deliver to Plaintiff. At some point, Defendant changed VINs and generated two new certificate of origins without Plaintiff’s knowledge. When Plaintiff tried to ship his vehicles to Nigeria, where he is a citizen, the vehicles were seized at port.

DLG Demand: $142,000

Type of Case: DTPA

Luna v. Steele

$164,139 Verdict

Summary: Plaintiff was almost through the intersection, when Defendant struck Plaintiff’s right side.

DLG Demand: $75,000 (Policy limit was $100k)

Type of Case: Motor Vehicle Accident

Bernhard v. D.R. Horton-Texas, Ltd.

$114,477 Arbitration

Summary: Construction defects resulted in mold.

Type of Case: Defects - Construction

Herrera v. Abney

$83,073 Verdict

Summary: Defendant made right turn at a red light, while Plaintiff had a green, causing Plaintiff to strike left side of Defendant.

DLG Demand: $30,000

Type of Case: Motor Vehicle Accident

Cantu v. State Farm Lloyds

$52,001 Verdict

Summary: Plaintiffs claimed wind and hail damage, and State Farm undervalued claim.

DLG Demand: $35,000 (during deliberation)

Type of Case: Breach of Contract

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