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Personal Injury Law: Fact or Fiction

25 October 2015

When you’re injured, whether it’s from a vehicular collision, through the workplace, or due to someone else’s negligence, you deserve to be compensated by those responsible. By seeking damages, you can ease any burden incurred to you and your family by medical bills or other expenses.

Uncovering the Facts of Personal Injury Law

Unfortunately, there are quite a few misconceptions surrounding all aspects of this legal affair. Make sure you understand what your options are and what pitfalls to avoid. The more you know about personal injury law, the better suited you’ll be to deal with the process if required.

All Accident Lawyers are Ambulance Chasers

FICTION: This is actually one of the biggest stigmas personal injury lawyers must deal with. While there are certainly lawyers out there who fit into this negative stereotype, the majority take on this type of work because of their belief that those who are wronged deserve justice. Typically, the lawyers that fit this negative mold are the ones who constantly blast the radio and television airwaves with their advertisements guaranteeing results no matter the case. Not only is this deceiving (no case should ever be guaranteed), you typically want to work with a firm based on their reputation passed by word of mouth or general success rate. A firm that is forced to advertise in such a way might be covering up other deficiencies with how they will represent your case. That being said, always do your research about a firm or lawyer, regardless of how you found out about them.

The Insurance Provider of the At-Fault Party Doesn’t Have to Pay Your Medical Bills

FACT: While this might not seem fair, it’s an unfortunate truth surrounding insurance companies and injury claims. Typically, the insurance provider of the at-fault party won’t advance any money for bills or other medical fees until the claim or case is settled. Even then, there could be other delays. This is why it’s so important to involve an experienced personal injury law firm so they can not only get you what you deserve but avoid any hang ups in the process.

You Can File a Personal Injury Claim if the Other Party has No Insurance

FACT: This is actually a very important fact that many victims of automobile negligence don’t realize. Even if the other party has no insurance, you can invoke a claim using uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage that was purchased through your own insurance provider. Each state handles this aspect of insurance differently, which is why it’s so important to seek the counsel of an experienced attorney who will let you know how you and your family are protected.

All Personal Injury Cases End in Trial

FICTION: While it varies from state to state, personal injury and insurance cases will often end in settlement long before a trial is needed. However, this should not deter you from hiring an experienced trial lawyer. By hiring a lawyer who will fight for you and every dollar you deserve, the defendant might not feel as confident going to trial and could be willing to settle sooner rather than later.

If you find yourself needing a personal injury lawyer for whatever reason, make sure you don’t fall for the common misconceptions that surround the legal process. With so much on the line, you should be working with an reputable law firm ready and willing to fight for every dollar you deserve.

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