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Malpractice is improper, illegal, or negligent activity or treatment by a professional. While it can apply to any licensed official, it most often applies to healthcare providers, lawyers, accountants, and public officials. All of these professions have a duty to serve in the best interests of their patients or clients. When the failure of the professional to provide a standard of care causes harm to a patient or client, damages can be collected.

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Malpractice Lawyer: Our Approach

Malpractice cases tend to result in especially emotional lawsuits, because they pertain to the broken trust between a professional and a person who assumed they were in their care. Our team at Davis Law Group is familiar with all variants of malpractice cases, and we believe there is no excuse for disregarding the best interests of a client or patient. We’ll fight for however long is necessary to deliver justice for the harm you or your loved one suffered.

Our Malpractice Lawyer Services

For malpractice suits, our team of experienced attorneys will file against the professional on your behalf. No matter the situation, we will work endlessly to hold them accountable. Our services include evaluation of documented correspondence and assessment of the professional’s malicious actions. Malpractice litigation can be hard to navigate, and if you’re unsure about the validity or seriousness of your malpractice situation, a consultation will evaluate whether or not someone met their professional responsibilities to you.

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Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is arguably the most dangerous type of malpractice because a patient’s life can be on the line. Patients have a right to expect healthcare professionals to deliver a standard level of care. In a case of malpractice, the doctor at fault acted differently than any reasonable doctor would have in the same, or similar, situation. Violation of care includes failure to diagnose, misinterpreting or ignoring lab results, unnecessary or incorrect surgery, and poor follow-up and aftercare.

In lawsuits, patients must show disability, loss of income, suffering and hardship, and/or medical costs. In addition, it must be proven in a court of law that any injury or death would not have occurred in the absence of negligence. These cases can be exhausting, and an attorney can help decide if a lawsuit is a good idea. Because these conflicts take so many medical experts and countless hours of deposition, the cost of pursuing the case may be more than the eventual settlement.

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Legal Malpractice

A legal conflict is required to have four elements in order to qualify as legal malpractice. The attorney in question must have: owed a duty to provide representation, breached their duty by making a mistake or acting recklessly, having that breach cause injury or harm, and that harm resulting in financial loss. In cases of legal malpractice, a plaintiff cannot sue for any form of emotional distress. This is often because the situations requiring a lawyer are already stressful, so teasing apart situational trauma from induced trauma is impossible.

Holding lawyers accountable is a unique challenge. Attorneys are prone to fighting, and these cases can be very difficult to win. However, if an attorney’s careless actions cost you proper compensation with defined financial value, we can help. This includes losing a good settlement, positive contract result, or rights to a piece of land or business. Because of our extensive background in law, a consultation allows us to evaluate a case fairly.

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