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Why Hire An Insurance Lawyer?

When you buy insurance you expect to be paid when a claim is submitted. But that is not what the insurance company expects. They expect the bureaucracy to go to work, denying, delaying, or short-changing the claim. That is how insurance companies make billions of dollars in profits every year – by denying their policyholders’ claims, or by paying them less than what they are owed. As responsible citizens, we all buy insurance to be covered. Yet, often, insurance companies take your premiums and deny claims, so they can make more money.

How Our Law Firm Handles Insurance Cases

Fortunately, the law sees the role of insurance companies differently than they do. The law requires that insurance companies treat you with the utmost care and in good faith, and give you the respect you deserve. When insurance companies fail to live up to these requirements they have broken the law and you are entitled to damages, statutory penalty interest, and attorney’s’ fees. At Davis Law Group, we go after insurance companies every single day for violating Texas policyholder’s’ legal rights.

Retirement Law and Employee Benefits

At Davis Law Group, we are committed to representing you and ensuring that you receive your legal rights. If you have been unfairly treated with either retirement or employee benefits, we can help you get the compensation you need. Let our experienced and friendly lawyers take care of your rights and resolve your situation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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