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Even in states where worker’s compensation is mandatory, many companies do not offer enough to cover expenses following an on-site injury. You’re still entitled to it after an industrial accident.

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Industrial Accident Lawyer: Our Approach

The industrial industry is inherently dangerous, and includes the energy, food, defense, and mining industries. When accidents happen on-site, you need time and energy to heal. We understand industrial workplace law, and use creative strategies to get you the compensation you deserve. You shouldn’t have to go through any accident alone.

Common Types of Industrial Accidents

Slips and Falls


16% of injuries result from some type of slip or fall. Occupations most at-risk for these injuries are security workers, groundskeepers, and store clerks. Freshly-mopped areas and big spills may be to blame, as well as snowy walkways and harsh weather conditions.

Falling Objects


Object injuries can occur from falling stock, heavy machinery, or being physically forced against stationary furniture. Most often, heavy boxes fall off a shelf, off a moving forklift, or are dropped by an employee on an upper level. The impact of these objects can cause head, neck, and spine injuries, as well as death.

Chemical Burns


Safety regulations are not always closely followed, which can lead to improper material handling, storage, waste management, and personal protective equipment. Common chemical interactions come from pesticides, acids, and solvents, some of which may cause fires or explosions. Burns, rashes, throat irritation, and lung damage are suffered by those affected, and life-long neurological injuries may also arise from repeated exposure.

Improper Lifting


Overexertion in physical labor jobs may result in improper lifting, awkward body positioning, and injury. Injuries typically happen when a load is primarily supported by one body part or uneven pressure is exerted on the spine. Industry accidents include lifting truck shipments, inventory stock, heavy machinery, forklift loads, construction materials, furniture, boxes, garbage cans, and even people.

Industrial Accident Lawyer FAQs


What should I do if I’m involved in an industrial accident?

After receiving immediate medical care as necessary, you should notify your boss and submit an incident report. This is essential for receiving workers’ compensation. Consult with an attorney as soon as possible so they can evaluate the consequences of your injury and how it may affect your livelihood.


What can I receive compensation for?

Workers with industrial injuries may receive compensation for medical expenses, wage loss, and decreased earning capacity. An attorney can get you and your family disability while you’re completely unable to work, which is essential for financial stability. In some states, including Texas, you can still receive compensation even if you were at fault for the injury.


Why do I need a lawyer?

When you’re the sole provider, the compensation you receive affects your economic status. You want your family supported, and we want to help. It can be difficult to receive precisely what you need from your employer, especially if they do not offer a satisfactory amount of compensation, if any at all.


How long will it take to resolve my case?

On average, industrial workplace accident cases take about 1.5 years. The case length is reliant on a lot of factors, including whether or not the settlement can be negotiated, if a hearing is needed, and if an appeal is filed. A longer case is not necessarily a bad one; they tend to result in higher awards.

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