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Class action lawsuits are the collective action taken by a group upon companies, also referred to as class suits or representative action. These types of lawsuits allow for prosecution on behalf of a larger group, or the "class," because the lawsuit would not be strong enough or manageable on an individual basis. Class action lawsuits tend to happen when large entities exploit the economic power of average people, ignoring the consequences of their actions due to their influence or size.

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Class Action Lawyer: Our Approach

Small actions can have a big impact when efforts are combined. When it comes to class action lawsuits, Davis Law Group wants to hold large corporations accountable just as much as you do. Financial compensation for those most affected is important, but class action lawsuits are often bigger than that. The outcomes of these cases change how large entities operate, affecting individuals and groups alike. Large-scale, wide-sweeping effects often follow class action lawsuits.

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Types of Class Action Lawsuits

Civil Rights


Civil rights class action lawsuits address large-scale wrongdoings where prejudice against people based on race, ethnicity, sex, gender, and other civil matters inhibits their rights and freedoms. These cases must prove a pattern or practice of discrimination, specifically systemic discrimination. Past class action lawsuits with the largest social impact have exposed and incited changes in system issues with employment, housing, insurance, and credit. Winning lawsuits like these helps remedy civil rights violations and set precedent for the future of society.



Environmental class action lawsuits are incited when damage to the environment or biohazard exposure affects a community, typically a result of spillages or improper waste disposal from a large company or factory. The trouble in these cases lies in identifying a precise common harm suffered, proving their role in creating the damage, and then settling who is liable for it. These cases typically require scientists and tech professionals to work alongside attorneys and the greater community.



Individual disputes between an employee and employer are one thing, and result in much smaller, personal lawsuits. However, when employer violations are affecting a business’ entire workforce, the damages, and therefore consequences, are much more serious. These lawsuits are brought on behalf of the employees, who file against their shared employer as a whole. These cases typically concern violations of labor laws, wage laws, working condition safety, and discrimination in the workplace.

Product Defects


Product defect class action lawsuits originate from the release of a defective product into the marketplace. Defective products can cause unexpected side effects, injuries, or, in extreme cases, even death. In these instances, consumers may seek compensation for the cost of the product as well as any damages incurred while using it. Lawsuits about these products rely on proving that the product is unreasonably dangerous. Winning lawsuits result in both financial repayment and large-scale recalls of the product.

Class Action Lawyer FAQs


Does joining a class action lawsuit cost me anything?

Attorneys assigned to class action lawsuits work on a contingency basis, which means that no money is needed up front. Once the case is won and damages are recovered, the attorney takes a portion as reparation for their time leading up to the positive outcome.


How do class action lawsuits get started?

Class action lawsuits are started when a group all has the same experience with the defendant or their product. Groups may be any size, but tend to include at least 30 people. They file a lawsuit together, and proceed with charges following a judge-issued certification of class action lawsuit.


What are the advantages to joining a class action lawsuit?

One advantage to joining a class action lawsuit is that the lawsuit is more cost-effective and efficient in comparison with each individual person filing alone. In addition, class action lawsuits get justice for the people affected. Large-scale changes to either the products or entire companies ultimately better society.


What can I win in a class action lawsuit?

After the attorney takes their portion of the winnings, the leftover money is distributed amongst the plaintiffs. Settlements may be very little for those with no serious injuries, but plaintiffs that were thoroughly harmed often get more. The most important win though, is the justice and large-scale change achieved.

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