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About Business Law Disputes

We are proud to provide excellent representation for any of your commercial or business disputes regarding breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, partnership or franchisor disputes, breach of contract, shareholder and derivative actions, interference of contract claims, or otherwise. We understand the hassle of your situation, which is why we do our best to communicate proactively and work strategically with you to achieve the results you wish to see in the most time-efficient manner.

If you are ready to gain the skillful representation you need to get your case resolved quickly and effectively, learn more about our corporate lawyer services today.

How Our Lawyer Handles Alternative Fee Arrangements

Individuals and small businesses do not typically include lawyers’ fees in an operating budget. Hiring a lawyer is an unplanned expense for most companies. When you need a lawyer the costs can sometimes be overwhelming. At the Davis Law Group, we work with business litigation clients to find the best, most cost-effective approach to financing your litigation needs. This may include a mixed-fee or a contingency fee arrangement, in which you pay a small hourly rate and assign an interest in your case to our firm after its successful conclusion. We are here to help, and if you have a legitimate case that needs attention, we strive to work with you to ensure you get the legal services you need.

Don’t let your business disputes bring you any more grief and struggle than necessary. With our experienced lawyers, you can get the help you need to quickly resolve your case.