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Non-Compete/Employee Agreements In Business Law

Many fields, and especially Houston’s thriving medical and oil and gas industries, require individuals and businesses to enter into non-compete agreements. These agreements are governed by Texas law and can be exceedingly complex – both to draft and to understand. We have significant litigation experience dealing with non-compete agreements and employment disputes. Additionally, we can advise you beforehand, so that these agreements might be understood without the need for litigation.

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Contracts and agreements are the foundation of any business. Our business attorneys have the experience and knowledge to help you create that stability from drafting contracts, to breach of contracts, to disputes and much more. Whether you are new to business and looking for advice about contracts, or are having an issue with one, we are here to help.

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Our goal is to help your business succeed. We have the experience and knowledge to make sure that your business gets back to running smoothly and efficiently. With our creative strategies, proactive communication and aggression in the courtroom, we are proud to be your advocate.

When Do You Need A Business Contract?

If you are planning on buying or selling physical products from another company, or you are an independent contractor that wants to make a business agreement, or your business is providing or receiving a service, having a contract is a must. Simply shaking hands is not enough. When your agreement with either another business or your employee is in writing, it is more difficult for them to breach the contract. It also provides clearly stated terms to avoid any miscommunication.

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Don’t let your contracts become an issue later down the road. Get the professional assistance you need to secure your business deals, negotiations and employee agreements.